19 September 2012

14 Years Later

My wife, Shannon, married me 14 years ago today.

I was very young (21) and probably didn't understand the full weight of what I was doing. However, I don't regret it and, we took vows before each other, our friends and family and, most importantly, before God. We said we would love each other and honor each other in sickness and health, in times of financial goodness and not-so-goodness, until death parted us.

Some of the last 14 years have been filled with sickness of the general variety but also of the spiritual and mental variety. Some of the last 14 years have been filled with times of financial OK-ness (we've never had 'riches' on a modern American scale) but many have been times of financial lack (even now).

Even though I was young when I said my vows, I meant it. I still mean it. Love isn't always a Hollywood romantic comedy-like feeling, more often than not, it's a moment-by-moment decision to lay down my life for my wife like Christ did for his bride the church.

I can honestly say I love my wife in a more real way now than I did on that day in Tennessee 14 years ago.

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