06 January 2012

The Single Parent Week

My wife has been in Haiti all week on a mission trip helping out at an orphanage our church started a few years ago. To say that this was outside her comfort zone is like saying the Pope is Catholic. Little did I realize it was out of my comfort zone as well.

- I have a new respect for single, working parents who keep it together day in and day out with more than one kid. The flurry of work, picking kids up from school and getting homework done and baths taken and dinner eaten was crazy hectic.

- A very dear lady in our church saved us this week by arranging meals every night for a dad who can't cook and his would-be starving girls. Mary wins the award for coolness this week.

- I'm thankful I have a job where I can leave at 2:20 in the afternoon and it be cool so long as all my work gets accomplished by deadlines.

- Band practice nights were not much fun, to be honest. I should've gotten a sitter probably but didn't want to "waste" a sitter for just another band practice night.

- I realized my wife really "goes to work" after the school hours. We only have two kids, I can't imagine what things would've looked like with more.

- Stay-at-home parents don't get enough credit.

- Technology is cool. I got to talk to my wife just about every day in some form or another. Just a few short years ago, her bing gone for a week would've meant no communication for a week.

- I love and miss my wife.


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