16 November 2011

Help My Wife Go To Haiti


My wife, Shannon, has a great mission trip opportunity in early January and I would like to share it with you. A group of six women (including her) from our church, the Christian Church of Jasper, are planning, God willing, to work at an orphanage outside of Porte Au Prince, Haiti, in a city called Cite Soleil. We plan to work at the House of Hope Children’s Home (an orphanage our church started a few years ago) as much as possible during the week of January 2-7, 2012.

Among other things, they will be will be caring for the little girls in the orphanage which will provide relief for the house parent and staff. They will also be touring the school at Blanchard where the girls attend, to observe their environment and progress since they have been in the orphanage’s care. We believe that their work and the work of the mission trip team is greatly needed.

If you know Shannon well, you know that this mission trip is a very big step of faith. She wants to help make a difference in the lives of the Haitian people, and I am asking you to help her in a few ways. First, the mission trip team needs everyone’s prayers. Please, pray that God will keep them all safe and that God will use her to help the people of Haiti in any small way. Second, please consider supporting her financially. Trip expenses will amount to approximately $1,500. Any amount would be greatly appreciated and will certainly make an impact on the mission field. If you choose to help her, please follow the directions below.

If you choose to make a financial contribution and support Shannon, please make checks payable to: “Christian Church of Jasper” and write “January Haiti Mission - Shannon” in the memo line. You may send a contribution to Christian Church of Jasper; 1450 Energy Drive; Jasper, IN 47546. These gifts are tax deductible (you may also give at CCJ). If you are not worried about tax deductions, you may give any gifts to me or Shannon when you see us or send your gift to: 1429 Main St. Jasper, IN. 47546. Be sure to denote that this is for the Haiti Mission Trip.

Thank you for your time and your gifts. I can’t tell you enough how much your prayers and support are appreciated.


Daniel Ross

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Lori said...

What an awesome thing to do! I pray some day the Lord will allow me to do the same. Unfortunately, I have no financial funds at this time; I will pray for this so I can help. I will also pray this is the Lord's will. God bless on your journey for Christ.
Lori W