07 September 2011

My Letter To The Editor

Our local paper (subscription required ... it's a pay site ... as it should be :-) recently ran a feature story about a lesbian couple who had a child. It was a straight-ahead feature with no real angle other than, 'hey, here's a gay couple raising a kid in small-town Indiana.' The letters to the editor that follwed were predictable, including one that finally made me write my own.

The homosexual issue is one that is going to be the racism of the next generation, if not this one. I predict that my kids will one day look at my wife and I as I look at my grandparents' views on race (kind of a head-shaking thing). Don't get me wrong, we're raising our children to know what sin is (and I definitely think homosexual activity is a sin). However, I don't know that we can overcome the tidal wave of opinion in favor of it that is being fed to us on a daily basis.

That being said, sin is the heart of the matter and we are all sinners in need of a Savior.

Here's my letter (in full — and edited version appeared in the paper today) ...

Though I appreciate good sarcasm, I disagreed with the point of Mike Mundy’s recent letter (“Reasonable people agree Bible isn’t verbatim dictation,” Aug. 24, 2011) but was not all that surprised by it. The Bible doesn’t hold the sway it once did in American society. That’s reality. The homosexual issue is here to stay, without a doubt.

However, those who disagree with the Bible’s teaching on matters such as homosexuality often go back to Leviticus and point to the prohibition on shellfish and the mixture of fabrics and wonder where the outrage is about those matters. For those that believe the Bible, I would simply point them to Acts 10 in response to the “unclean foods” issue and also encourage them to read the Bible in context and not pick and choose verses to throw around. Unfortunately, there are also many Christians that would condemn homosexual activity based on scripture and ignore the sin present in their own lives. I am and have been one such person. Just because I don’t always live out my beliefs well doesn’t negate the truth of those beliefs.

According to the Bible, homosexual activity is a sin. So is any other sexual activity outside the bonds of heterosexual marriage (including lusting after a person who is not your spouse, looking at porn, friends with benefits, premarital sex, adultery, emotional affairs, etc.). That much is very clear. If it’s not clear to some, it’s likely because they don’t like what the Bible says. Many people choose not to believe because of the demands scripture puts on their lives. I’m aware enough to realize that no amount of ‘letters to the editor’ are going to change the minds of unbelievers. I could go many ways with this discussion. However, I will offer only this.

The Bible isn’t a rulebook of do’s and don’t’s or an instructional handbook on how to get rich and live your best life now. The Bible is the story of God and how He wants us to live for our own joy (note: joy and ‘happiness’ are not always the same thing). It’s about a perfect Creator whose creation rebelled against Him and continues to rebel against Him. It’s about how all humans (that includes the writer as well as the reader of this letter) have consistently chosen to spit in the face of the greatest love of all time because we want to be our own god and master and instead run to worship created things. But, most importantly, it’s the true story of how that Creator (Jesus) loved the rebels anyway and brought them back into the fold by taking their misdeeds and their attempts to earn His favor through their good deeds (i.e. ‘sin’ and ‘self-righteousness’) on himself on a cross so that the rebels could be made blameless before the Creator. It’s called “the gospel” because it is good news.

It’s the best news for this rebel. It’s the best news for those too focused on the homosexual issue. Whether you believe that is up to you. However, its importance and the Bible’s importance have to be dealt with and cannot be easily dismissed.

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D2 said...

All you say about the bible and homosexuality may be true, but my last paragraph in the blogpost I attached is what's in my head and heart.