30 June 2011

Wise Words From My Co-Worker

I work at a church.

I used to work at a newspaper.

Churches are full of all kinds of messy personalities.

Newspapers (generally) attract cynics (like me).

I have to admit that, sometimes, it was easier working at the newspaper and being around a bunch of people just like me (personality-wise).

However, the church's office administrator is much like me personality-wise.

While discussing an issue separate from the church today, she gave me some great advice that's so brilliant and yet, for me, so complicated and is at the root of why the past year and a half have been a challenge for me on a personal level.

"You can't make everybody happy all the time."


Seek God's approval of me through Jesus, not man's approval of me through my performance.

Now, if I could just put that into practice ...


OneBigHappy said...

If you think about it, not even Jesus made every body happy all the time. Not even some of the time. He didn't try to. He was busy with bigger things.

becca said...

true you can't make everyone happy

Everyday Life

Toyin O. said...

That is a great advice, you can't make everyone happy:)