19 October 2010

Sorry, Chris Tomlin, We Saw It First ;-)

My band, Narrow Path (from the Christian Church of Jasper), has made a few recordings. We've used stock images as album art, so, I'm not knocking the idea. However, it's always funny to me when I see something I've used in the past show up in something big, like, say, Chris Tomlin's latest release.

A few years ago, I made a soundboard recording of our annual Christmas service available and I used the graphic I had used to promote the event as the album cover for the handful of CDs I made to give away to church members. This is it:

Below is the album artwork for Chris Tomlin's upcoming release:

I have a friend whose former band's (Failingravity) artwork was more or less duplicated by the band Seventh Day Slumber so I know this isn't new and I know it's not a copyright thing. I just think it's funny.

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becca said...

love the artwork