20 October 2010

Proud To Live In A Place Like This

This video is making the rounds in my hometown (and, apparently, elsewhere since it has 18,000 + views). It features a boy from Jasper, who happens to have Down Syndrome, scoring a touchdown in a high school football game recently. Big credit goes to the coach of the opposing team, Mt. Vernon, for their part in the touchdown.

I was genuinely moved by the video. I don't know the family and I don't really know anyone involved. I do, somewhat, know this community (having lived here a month short of a decade now). I know that despite the many problems that face our area, there is still something to be said that something like this can still happen in our world.

I'm a cynic, I'll admit. It's not something I'm really proud of but it's my default mode most of the time, unfortunately. I'm a big believer in the total depravity of man (the big T in the Calvinism TULIP). I just don't get all that moved by sappy, heart-string-tugging stories. This story is different though. I don't really know why. Maybe, it's because the music (particularly Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" - a decent song by my favorite band) is placed in just the right spot to stir my emotions. Maybe it's the theme from "Rocky" at the beginning. Maybe it's the proper use of movement in the photos through what I assume is iMovie software.

Or maybe, I was just moved. Maybe I am proud to live in a place where this can happen and every life is valued.

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