22 October 2010

Five For Friday (The Return)

Probably not a permanent return, but you get what you pay for around here ...

Doing this one from my MacBook (which has far fewer songs on it than my home computer). Put your iTunes on shuffle and tell me your five.

1.) "Work" by Jars of Clay. From the album "Good Monsters." I went through a quasi-heavy Jars of Clay phase a few years ago. This is probably their best album, IMO. Dan Haseltine is a good lyricist. They have a new album out but I haven't gotten it yet. They've kind of moved from that "I buy every new album from this band" category to "I'll wait and see if the library has it."

2.) "Remain" by Starfield. From the album "I Will Go." I got this album because Amazon had it on sale for $5 and it was an impulse buy. Some of their stuff is beyond the Nashville worship music mold but much of this album is firmly in that camp. That being said, this one has a good melody and dynamics in all the right places (plus a few minor chords).

3.) "Cold Desert" by Kings of Leon. From the album "Only By The Night." I read an article about these guys today and a lot of people were complaining that too many people were on the Kings of Leon bandwagon now and that they were "too popular." I've never understood this mindset (of course, my favorite band is a completely commercial pop-rock band). Similar to Jars of Clay, Kings of Leon have not yet moved into the category of "I will buy every new album by this band." I've listened to early KoL and this album is miles better than their early stuff. This song, in particular is pretty mournful ... I dig it (despite the line about "Jesus don't love me").

4.) "I Am" by Bon Jovi. From the album "Have A Nice Day." Speak of the devil (see #3). This is an underrated album in Bon Jovi circles, I think. While this particular song isn't the best on the album, to say that it is one of the weakest tracks is saying something about the quality of this album.

5.) "Watch Your Words" by Alter Bridge. From the album "One Day Remains." How this band isn't the biggest hard rock band in the world is beyond me. Their singer, Myles Kennedy, has one of the best rock voices in a long, long time. This sin't their strongest track, but, then again, this album was their debut.

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