29 June 2010

These Days (15 Years Later)

The Screen Door has a nice reflection on the release of my favorite Bon Jovi album, "These Days." It was released fifteen years ago on Sunday.

Anthony Kuzminski (writer of The Screen Door blog) says this:
The lead-up to Bon Jovi’s sixth studio album, These Days, felt like an eternity. It wasn’t but there was a prolonged sense of waiting for it. Back in the 1990’s the Internet was in its infancy and news didn’t travel as quickly as it does today. Therefore, we relied on information from these things called “magazines” and “television”. I was an avid Kerrang reader and Metal Edge, both of which proved to be among the few music magazines still providing in-depth coverage to the music I loved.

I remember buying my cassette copy at DJ's Music in Paris, TN (next to the old Uncle Lee's building). I, too, got up early that morning and drove to DJ's to get my copy. I was working the second shift at the Mohon International factory (making school science desks) as a summer job before college started. I hated that job more than I've ever hated anything in my life. "These Days" helped me get through my last summer at home before I left for school (never to live at home again). I have such strong memories attached to that piece of music. Friends, that I would never see regularly again, obsessed over it. We talked about our favorite tracks, how we couldn't wait for the show to come to Nashville, etc. Whether or not that plays a part in this being my favorite album by my favorite band, I don't know ... possibly. All I know is that I still listen to it fairly often.

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