09 June 2010

Me On The Big Screen At Bon Jovi Show

Yeah, I did it. I'm a tiny bit embarrassed but it's also really, really awesome. Starts at about 3:27 through the chorus. I'm in the lower-right-hand corner.

To explain: I tired to win tickets to the Bon Jovi Nashville show I was going to (I was trying to get better seats). They had this "make your own 'Livin' On A Prayer' video" contest going on so I entered. I didn't see it on the screen in Nashville so I assumed it had gone into the ether. Lo and behold, it shows up on the screens when Bon Jovi played the New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey in front of 65,000 people.

Like I said, it's cheesy and embarrassing (that I'm making the faces and whatnot, not that I like the band — I like who I like) but it's also pretty cool. :-)

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akbelcher said...

thats hilarious!! :)