19 May 2010

Please, Help Nashville & Tennessee

As you may have heard, Nashville and other parts of Tennessee were wrecked by heavy rains and then flooding earlier this month. This received some national attention but it happened at the same time as a failed truck bomb in Times Square in New York City and a massive oil spill in the Gulf. I'm not here to throw stones at the coverage (though I do have a gripe about it). What I am writing about today is their need for help.

The church my wife and I used to attend when we lived in Nashville, Lighthouse Baptist Church (now called Lighthouse Christian Fellowship), had a portable building housing their mission work float down Interstate 24. According to their web site, the church, school, and preschool sustained approximately $500,000 in damage. As Lighthouse does not have flood insurance, they will receive only $2,500 to recompense the hundreds of thousands of dollars in loss suffered.

This breaks my heart. Lighthouse has great people who loved us well when we were a part of the church body. I'm not good at making well-versed pleas for money to be given, so I will just ask you to pray for Nashville and the other areas. Pray for Lighthouse and any other brothers and sisters in Christ who were affected. If the Holy Spirit moves you to give, you can give to Lighthouse here.

Another movement gaining great steam on Facebook is Nashville Flood Relief T-Shirts. For $20, plus shipping, you can get a great-looking shirt and help. The following groups will receive 100% of the profit: Cross Point Church, Grace Church Nashville,
United Way of Williamson County & MusiCares. Each of these are working already to put money directly back into the community.

Again, please pray for Tennessee. I know there are a million disasters a day all over the world and there are a million causes to give to and who are asking for your help and your money. So, PLEASE, pray and ask if God wants you to joyfully give something, anything to help relieve the people of Tennessee.

The top photo and the photo below is from this site. It is of a lady who attends Lighthouse. The caption reads: Lighthouse Christian School teacher Heather Harrell reacts after finding her grandmother's Bible in her classroom that was destroyed by the flood in Antioch, Tennessee on Monday, May 3, 2010. (AP Photo/The Tennessean, Shelley Mays).

The following photo, you can see the church and school in the background.

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