20 February 2010

Five for Friday

Yeah, it's Saturday, I know.

1.) "My Best Was Never Good Enough" by Bruce Springsteen. From the album "The Ghost of Tom Joad." I really like Springsteen as a singer/songwriter-type more than a rocker. But that's just me. If you're like me, you should have this album.

2.) "Jack And Diane" by John Mellencamp. From the album "Words & Music: Greatest Hits." See above.

3.) "Habit" by Pearl Jam. From the official live bootleg "2000/06/20 Arena - Verona, Italy (Disc 1)." This song is from the under-appreciate album "No Code." These official bootlegs can be hit or miss but it's SO cool that a band offers them to fans.

4.) "O Sacred Head, Now Wounded" by 4Him. From the album "Hymns: A Place Of Worship (Classic Hymns)." I don't listen to 4Him and I'm not sure how this ended up on my iTunes. But it came up and here it is. This is a nice hymn, by the way.

5.) "Looks That Kill" by Motley Crue. From the album "4 Rock Legends." When you're in the exact right mood, this skanky rawk music hits the spot. When you're not, it sounds like a buzzsaw in your head.

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Chris B said...

1) "Till the Walls Fall Down" by Thieves and Liars. From the Album "American Rock and Roll". If you like classic '70's/'80's anthem power rock, this song/band is for you! They are just a Christian band that loves that type of music and plays it and does it well.

2)"Fade Away" by Day of Fire. From the Album "Day of Fire". Post-grunge/early '00's alt rock band/song. I really do like them and their first album (which this comes from) is really good. Lead singer used to be the lead singer of a metal band called "Full Devil Jacket". He got messed up in drugs, went to church, got saved and started this band.

3)"I Get It" by Chevelle. From the album "Vena Sera". I really like the guitar riff on the verses on this song. If I'm not mistaken, this was the first album after they kicked out their brother from playing bass. The verses almost have a disco beat to them. Interesting.

4)"Birmingham (We Are Safe)" by David Crowder* Band. From the album Church Music. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite all time albums. This song is very electronic/'80s on the verses. Your guess is as good as mine on the title of the song. :) I honestly think on this album they decided that they were just going through as many different genres on one album and see what happens. :)

5)"Attitude" by Fireflight. From the album "The Healing of Harms". Good song. Album is alright as well. Their newest one they just came out with is probably my fav, though. They are another post-grunge alt band who has a female lead singer. A little harder than Flyleaf (what little I've heard of Flyleaf).