05 February 2010

Five for Friday

1.) "The Great Pretender" by Freddie Mercury. From the album Queen: Greatest Hits III. My wife got me into Queen. This Freddie Mercury solo cover of the old song "The Great Pretender" is highly skippable. Queen's Greatest Hits three-Disc collection is about one disc too long, IMO. It always felt like they were really reaching for things with the songs on the third disc. This in one of them.

2.) "This Is Your Life" by Switchfoot. From the album "The Beautiful Letdown." When this album first came out, I wore it out. I don't listen to it as much these days but it holds up well, I think. This is a great "carpe diem" kinda of song.

3.) "Fill Me Again" by Dark New Day. From the album "twelve YEARsilence." I can't really give you a good reason why I have this album or song. I think I liked the song "Brother" but gave the rest of the album one spin, maybe two. It's not bad, it just doesn't hit me in the right spot. It rocks, but in a boring way.

4.) "Heartbreak Hotel" by Willie Nelson. From the album "Willie Nelson's Greatest Hits (And Some That Will Be)." Willie takes Elvis' swagger and makes it a country shuffle. He really shouldn't have.

5.) "No Other Love (Feat. Estelle)" by John Legend. From the album "Evolver." John Legend has a smooth voice that's worth paying attention to. Too many baby-making songs for my taste. He's at his best on more socially-conscious songs or spiritual-leaning songs.

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salguod said...

I love that Switchfoot disc and I love Queen. I've never heard that Freddie Mercury version of Great Pretender. Doesn't sound appealing.