02 December 2009

On Tiger Woods, Steve McNair, Kobe, etc., etc., etc.

So Tiger Woods allegedly cheated on his wife with some reality show woman. Are you really surprised?

So Steve McNair cheated on his wife with a whole bunch of women, including the one who killed him. Are you surprised?

So Kobe Bryant cheated, so Michael Jordan cheated, so A-Rod cheated, so Chipper Jones cheated back in the day, et cetera. Are you surprised?

I'm not anymore. In my younger days, I put way to high a value on a man's ability to swing a bat, shoot, pass or throw a ball and I was crushed when I would hear reports that so-and-so cheated on his wife, took steroids or was otherwise involved in something unsavory to a public all too willing to crucify them for their sins. The advent of the Internet age (where everyone is connected to everyone else ... and quickly at that) has given rise to sites like Deadspin (which I read) and TMZ (which I don't read - though I have seen the TV show a handful of times). These sites give us the dirt we crave (you know you do, because you're human) and bring our gods down to our level. I hear guys make comments about Tiger Woods like 'he's married to a Swedish bikini model and he still cheated on her, I can't believe that.' Here's the simple truth of it ...

Tiger Woods is a sinner.

So are you.

So am I.

"There is none good, no not one."

His wife's 'hotness' has nothing to do with the fact that he cheated on her (allegedly). There is a saying that (loosely paraphrased) goes something like this 'show me the hottest woman in the world and I'll show you a man who's tired of being with her.' Crude? Maybe a little but it's true. It's true because men (and women) are depraved, fallen creatures who constantly choose evil over good. I know, because I'm one of them and so are you. On this, we're all on the same level. No one has to be brought down because we're already down in the mud.

Is there hope for our state of being?

In short, yes.

Jesus Christ died for you.

And me.

And Tiger Woods, Kobe, MJ, A-Rod, etc.


You must wrestle with this at some point in your life and deal with the love that is in our face. Jesus made demands and statements that can't be ignored.

Have you dealt with it?

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