23 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hello Friends and Family,

Another year — and decade — has come and (almost) gone. Much has happened in the Ross home this year. I’ll spare you the long details and just give you the highlights.

Isabella (6) started first grade this year and is doing very well in school. She picks up on things pretty quickly when she can pay attention long enough to ... wait, what? ;-)
She is a very active girl. She also played her first year of t-ball and made a lot of progress in that. She really enjoyed being with the other kids and being active. Oh yes, she also got glasses this year — it was bound to happen sooner or later, it looks like sooner won that one.

Gabrielle (4) started pre-school this year and is coming along, albeit kind of slowly. Every child is different so we are figuring out how to work with her differently than we did Isabella. She has grown so much this year and has really developed in so many areas. She wants to do everything her big sister does and, as you can imagine, this doesn’t always end well. Gabrielle loves shoulder rides from her dad and says he is a “jungle gym.” (I’ll take it while it lasts).

Shannon is navigating the challenges of being a mom well. She does a job day in and day out that you couldn’t pay me enough to do. She remains the most beautiful woman in the world and I am lucky to have her.

This year marks our ninth year in Indiana and it will be my last as an employee of the best small town paper in America, in my opinion (The Dubois County Herald).

Starting January 1, I will become the full-time Pastor of Music and Communications at the Christian Church of Jasper (where I have been part-time for a few years and worked as a volunteer for many years before that). I am very excited about this change but sad to leave a job I love at The Herald. At this position, I will be able to focus completely on spreading the good news of God’s love for us through Jesus via multiple sources of communication and media as well as leading the people of CCJ in worship of God through music. Our church’s band, Narrow Path is recording another CD this year - though i couldn’t tell you when it will be done.

I hope you all are well this Christmas season and I hope that you take time today and every day to focus on how awesome it is that God added to His divinity humanity and humbly came to bring us back to Him. That is awesome news.

Merry Christmas,

Daniel, Shannon, Isabella and Gabrielle Ross
Jasper, Ind.

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