28 October 2009

Different Strokes

(Begin thinking out loud with this post, feel free to ignore) ...

Some people are moved by certain things and some people are not.

This was telling this past weekend to me as I attended the Southeast Christian Church Leadership Conference in Louisville, Ky. All in all, it was a good experience and I had a good time but I heard comments from several people (not just the people I was with) that this or that was powerful and moving and it had me wondering why I didn't feel the same way. Is there something wrong with me? I admit that I am a pretty cynical guy much of the time. Was that the reason? Don't get me wrong, I was moved by some things, just not the same things that (it seemed) most everyone else was moved by. I loved Kyle Idleman's talk on Saturday. It was a proverbial hammer that hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head. I wanted to stand up and pump my fist in the air. However, much of the room didn't have that same reaction (well, except for the 4 African-American folks a few rows in front of me - I wish they lived here.) :-) However, people seemed to love it when they made this deal out of handing things down to the next generation and did a switch over to a bunch of kids during a song. I admit, it was "neat," but I was not "moved" like so many others seemed to be. Is my heart hard or am i just not moved by that sort of thing?

This is not really about the conference, more about celebrating the fact that God made us each unique and that not everyone is moved by the same things or at the same place in their walks. No one should be condemned for not being farther along (note to self here) unless, of course, they are just being lazy in their walk and satisfied with milk. No condemnation, necessarily, but helpful instruction might be warranted. Some people love all the MercyMe and Casting Crowns songs, some (i.e. me) don't. Can't that be OK?

(End thinking out loud. Go about your business, nothing to see here).

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