04 September 2009

Five for Friday

1.) "Last Kiss" by Seven Mary Three. From the album "Day & Nightdriving." You probably only remember them via "Cumbersome," but these guys have been churning out solid rock 'n' roll for years since. This is avery good song and you owe it to yourself to check it out.

2.) "Jesus Freak" by dc talk. From the album "Jesus Freak (Single)." Ah yes, classic. When I first heard this song in 1995, it blew my mind.

3.) "I Will Not Go Quietly" by Steven Curtis Chapman. From the album "The Apostle: Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture." This is a very good soundtrack of old gospel hymns redone by country and gospel artists. This is one of my least favorites. It's a good movie too.

4.) "Masters of War" by Pearl Jam. From the album "2003/10/22 Benaroya Hall (Disc 2)." This is a great laid-back, semi-acoustic album from PJ. I think this is a Dylan cover (feel free to correct me). This came out right around the start of the Iraq war and you can feel the tension in the song's delivery.

5.) "Home (Acoustic)" by Daughtry. From the album "Daughtry." I don't know who wrote this but it's solid pop/rock songwriting. I've always liked Daughtry (even though I know that's not always cool with a bunch of people).

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