11 September 2009

Five for Friday (Rant Edition)

No Five this week, just five rants.

1.) This whole controversy about Kurt Cobain's likeness being used in Guitar Hero 5 (apparently, you can unlock his avatar to sing Bon Jovi songs and other "uncool" songs by "uncool" artists. Courtney Love has been called out for allowing this "travesty" and she essentially heaps some blame on Dave Grohl so Grohl and Krist Noveselic ask Activision to stop this obvious injustice. Sense the sarcasm yet? Cobain wrote a handful of good songs but because he stuck a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger, he's some sort of generational deity whose memory can't dare be sullied by him having to sing songs by Bon freakin' Jovi. I know I'm not cool for liking Bon Jovi but I'm a grown man and I don't really give a crap what a bunch of sanctimonious blowhards think. Cobain's rights to be revered went out the window when he pulled that trigger and left behind his little girl and a (crazy) wife. I like Dave Grohl and his work with the Foo Fighters but give me a flippin' break.

2.) Michael Jackson's tribute show isn't happening as originally planned in Austria. Anyone surprised by this? The Jackson family has talent but they have zero sense, IMO. Seriously, I don't think they are that smart. Anybody ever just listen to Jacko talk in an interview. I don't think his mental capacity was ever that high.

3.) This one is not a negative rant but a praise rant. I love Amazon's MP3 Store for this one reason. So often, on the day of an album's release, Amazon will sell it for $1.99 to $3.99. I bought The Black Crowes' new one last week that way when I wasn't sure if I would get it or not. Amazon had it for $4 and I thought, 'why not?' Turns out, it was worth the $4. I should've done this with the U2 album when it came out instead of buying the deluxe edition for $18 (which was about $10 more than it was worth).

4.) Why don't more bands understand that selling live recordings of each gig is a good move? Maybe I'm wrong but it would seem that the days of thinking that live recordings dilute a band's catalog are long gone and bands would want to really bolster their fan base. Look at Pearl Jam. They don't sell huge numbers anymore but their fan base is extremely solid (they are almost guaranteed to sell 700,000 copies of any album they release) because they treat their fans well and do things like the official bootleg series. Plus, if you're the band, it's extra income from a show after the show is over.

5.) This last one isn't a rant but a request. If you are the praying sort, please pray for me as I've been in a rut for the last few months. I feel like there is something ahead but I don't have the first clue what that is. It could just be the early 30s rut others have told me they have gone through. I'm feeling very Ecclesiastes these days. Maybe I'm just tired ... who knows.

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