25 July 2009

Five For Friday (On Saturday, 'Cause I Had A Gig)

1.) "Linda Let Me Be The One" by Bruce Springsteen. From the box set "Tracks." I have a mild fascination with Springsteen. At times, I think he's brilliant and then, other times, I don't like his stuff at all. This a rare track (a co-worker loaned me this box set of rarities). It's in the latter set of songs I just described.

2.) "Mr. Sambo" by Richie Sambora. From the album "The Guitars That Rule The World." Bought this in college and was all stoked about it. Haven't heard it in ages. The whole CD isn't actually that bad if you like guitar instrumentals. If you don't, this is everything you hate about them.

3.) "... And The Gods Made Love" by The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Fromm the album "Electric Ladyland." Weird stuff. I suspect drugs were involved.

4.) "Hard To Tell" by Old Crow Medicine Show. From the album "OCMS." New band that plays old-timey stuff. I dig it.

5.) "The Running Kind (with Tom Petty)" by Johnny Cash. From the box set "Unearthed." From the "American" sessions (probably for the "Unearthed" album). Cash's voice is prime here. At the start of his comeback but before he got too sick. His voice mixes well with Petty's.

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