02 May 2009

Five For Friday (On Saturday)

Using Pandora again ...

1.) "My Old Self" by Wide Mouth Mason. From the album "Wide Mouth Mason." Saw these guys open for Kenny Wayne Shepherd in 1997. I've kept up with them every since. Nothing really beat this first album though (still listen to it quite a bit, actually).

2.) "Come Rest Your Head" by Tonic. From the album "Head On Straight." Never heard this song before now. Not bad, not great. Straight middle of the road, really. Kinda hypnotic sounding.

3.) "Doesn't Remind Me" by Audioslave. From the album "Out of Exile." This wasn't I expected from Audioslave when I first heard it. Very simple intro/chord progression. Very unlike Tom Morello. Audioslave never lived up to their potential, IMO.

4.) "Yesterday I Saw You" by Rich Robinson. From the album "Paper." Rich Robinson is the guitar-playing brother from The Black Crowes. This sounds very much like a Crowes song with a less-soulful lead singer.

5.) "Learn To Love" by Extreme. From the album "Saudades de Rock." This is Extreme's reunion album that was released last year. Extreme was always underrated in my book and unfairly lumped in with hair bands when they weren't really a hair band in musical style. If you've ever like an Extreme song, you'll like the new album, too. Plus, Nuno Bettencourt is an awesome guitar player, plain and simple.

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