16 May 2009

Five For Friday (On Saturday, Again)

Late again ...

1.) "She Looks To Me" by Red Hot Chili Peppers. From the album "Stadium Arcadium: Mars." Ever since John Frusciante re-entered the fold of the Chili Peppers, the songwriting is so much better. Granted, it's also a bit more mellow, like this track. RHCP suffer from the same fate that I've described as the 'Collective Soul Syndrome.' That is, they write really good songs that are instantly catchy and melodic but never stick out as GREAT songs.

2.) "Always Come Around" by Seven Day Jesus. From the album "Ten: The Birthday Album: Then." This is a compilation that Forefront Records put out in the late '90s celebrating their 10th birthday. Seven Day Jesus was one of those many, many, many bands that had one or two hit (like this one - which is catchy but not all that memorable) on Christian radio back then when things were starting to explode. Side note: The band I once tried out for (but didn't make), Jesse's Vineyard, was heading out on a tour with SDJ shortly after I tried out (but didn't make). i guess that all worked out in the end though. :-)

3.) "Izabella" by Jimi Hendrix. From the album "Live at the Fillmore East." This is the remastered and expanded Band of Gypsies released in the late '90s. To me, this is Hendrix's peak with the great rhythm section of Buddy Miles (drums) and Billy Cox (bass). There's just so much groove on this album. Side note: My daughter is not named after this song but I was listening to this song when we were trying to come up with baby names for our first daughter. Still love this song.

4.) "Light Gives Heat (Live)" by Jars of Clay. From the album "Blood:Water Mission 06 Christmas." This was a download-only album that I got in an email from B:WM. This is a live cut from a song off of "Good Monsters," which is an outstanding album in itself. Jars is not really a great live band (I mean, they play well, they're just not that great an experience live) but live recordings are their friend, IMO, from a purely musical standpoint. This is a good, moody song.

5.) "Red House" by John Lee Hooker. From the album "Power of Soul: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix." "Red House" is Jimi's signature blues song. So, you'd think that a blues legend like John Lee Hooker would do a bang-up job on a cover of the song. You'd be right and wrong, I think. Hooker definitely makes it his own thing and really strips it down to a more sparse, haunting feel that he does so well. However, a song like this kinda calls for the treatment that Hendrix originally gave it, tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic and flip. This is good for what it is, a cover stuck on a tribute album.

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