09 May 2009

Bryan Adams Solo/Acoustic

No Five for Friday this week. Don't feel like doing it, to be honest. :-)

My lovely bride and I, along with a friend, went to see Bryan Adams solo/acoustic in Louisville Thursday night (also got a meet-n-greet time). My wife is a big fan of his, I like some songs but am not rabid about him or anything. My recurring statement of the night though was "I liked that better than the original." I'd buy the CD if he released a solo/acoustic live album. It was a really good concert.

Note to the girl who climbed up on stage and the lady who brought an album to e autographed after being told not to bring anything b/c he would autograph the CD they were giving us: You're not special, the rules apply to you too.

Note to other fans: When you're going to a show that's billed as solo/acoustic,t hat means it's not a big rock show so getting sloppy drunk and 'Wooooooo!'-ing all the time just makes you look stupid. Also, yelling to him that Jesus loves him while drunk makes you look like an idiot. Just say no.

Note to the guy behind us: When he's singing 'tell me have you ever really, really, really loved a woman,' he's not specifically asking you, dude. So, you don't have to answer 'yep!'

Favorite song of the night: 'Please Forgive Me' (even if he did kinda turn it into a country nasal-fest for fun).

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