27 February 2009

Five for Friday (Cash Edition)

In case you don't know, it works like this:
(Idea stolen from Ick Music)
I hit the shuffle button on my iTunes and share my five with a bit of insight for each track.
Then it’s your turn! Just share the first five random track of your shuffle in the comments and see what your fellow readers are listening to as well.

In honor of what would have been Johnny Cash's 77th birthday this week, I did an itunes search by "Cash."

1.) Johnny Cash: "Ring of Fire" (from Johnny Cash At San Quentin)
No horns, just the backup singers doing the horn parts. Folsom Prison is better than San Quentin but it is still classic.

2.) Travis Tritt: "I Walk The Line" (from Kindred Spirits: A Tribute to the Songs of Johnny Cash)
Rumor has it that June Carter preferred this version by Travis Tritt to the original. He slows it WAY down and makes it very Travis Tritt-y ballad-y (think "Anymore"). It's a nice stab at completely remaking a classic song but the original is still tops. This album was produced and put together by Marty Stuart as a way to pay tribute to Cash the songwriter. It's got a lot of good stuff on it.

3.) Johnny Cash: "Wanted Man" (from Johnny Cash At San Quentin)
Cash introduces this song as having been co-written by Bob Dylan. I would've liked to have been a fly on the wall at that songwriting session. This is not a great song, however.

4.) Johnny Cash: "Thirteen" (from American Recordings)
I bought this album when I must've been 15 or 16 and first learning to play the guitar. There is something endlessly appealing to me about a man sitting down with an acoustic guitar and singing a song (especially a dark song like this). This is one of my desert island albums. So simple and so rich. This song was originally written by Glenn Danzig (used to sing with the Misfits and later had a solo career in heavy metal).

5.) Johnny Cash: "I'm Movin' On" (from Unearthed (5-CD Box Set))
This set of outtakes from the American Recordings sessions was released a little more than a month after Cash died. It has some great, great stuff on it and is worth every penny of the $70 it costs (of course, I got it free from my brother.) :-) This particular song sounds like an outtake from the "American II: Unchained" sessions with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers as the backing band (I may be wrong on whether this particular song is from those sessions, but it sounds like it).

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