08 October 2007

Weekend in Georgia

My wife's sister got married this weekend in Georgia. It was a nice Scottish wedding (her new last name is McDaniel). There were kilts, bagpipes and whatnot. Shannon was a bridesmaid so I had the kids. We made it through the wedding and lasted (literally) about a minute at the reception before I called it quits and we went home to eat Burger King. I had a better time with them at home (my in-laws house) than I would've at the reception anyway.

I also went to North Point Community Church on Sunday. It was a bit far to drive if i was living where my in-laws are (about 45 minutes) but it was very interesting to me.

I sat down in the huge auditorium and sang along to two songs and watched two baptisms before the screen drops down and I realize that Andy Stanley, the pastor, is actually in the next auditorium over (which was bigger than the one I was in which looked like it sat 3,000 or so). The video freaked me out a little because it was life-size on the stage so I ended up watching the side screens instead. I don't think it would take too long, however to get used to a video service though I had initial trouble with it b/c it was messing with my head because the quality of the piucture was so good it looked like he was really standing there. Trippy. I like Andy Stanley. He's not what I thought he was (I thought he was a "feel-good" guy).

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