25 October 2007

Switchfoot-Relient K Show

Shannon and I and some friends went to the Switchfoot/Relient K show in Evansville Wednesday night. The Centre is a beautiful venue though standing next to the subs have a, um, negative effect on your ears. It was nice to spend an evening with my beautiful wife without the children. I love my children, but I love my wife too and I need to get better at spending time with just her and continuing to pursue her.

ANYway ... you didn't ask for all of THAT. Here are some photos and a short video from the show. I fully realize the limitations of my Kodak EasyShare digital camera after a show like this, so ignore the quality issues. ;-)

The crowd sings "Meant to Live." Of course, my camera can't really handle the volume that was coming from the speakers so, you've been warned about the quality more than once. :-)

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