30 September 2007

Farewell, Braves on TBS

Well, here it is. the last day of Atlanta Braves baseball on TBS as a regular program feature. The Braves dropped the last game of the season. Fitting, since so many Braves games I watched over the years on TBS were losses (remember the 80s?)

Some of my memories:

-- Dale Murphy became my hero as a kid because of TBS Braves baseball.
-- Those weeks in the summer when I would visit my grandparents and watch a game every night.
-- My Me-Maw rooting for the Braves and getting frustrated at how terrible they were.
-- Bob Horner, Rafael Ramirez, etc.
-- Blue hats, blue uniforms
-- Skip Carey
-- The Smoltz, Maddux, Glavine combo
-- Chipper Jones, Andruw Jones
-- Champions 95!!!!
-- Shannon and I watching Braves games because we were too poor to have "real" cable.
-- The introduction of Jeff Francoeur
-- How much Francoeur reminds me of Dale Murphy.

I guess all things must pass. I'm just sorry it had to be this.

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