23 September 2007

Eastern, Schmestern

This AP story sums it up.

After a maddening two years in which Indiana residents saw the official time shift this way and that, it looks like the pendulum is finally about to stop swinging.

The U.S. Department of Transportation, which regulates time zones, announced Thursday that five southwestern Indiana counties will be switched back from the Central Time Zone to the Eastern Zone beginning Nov. 4, when daylight saving time ends.

It appears to be the final step to erase the chronological confusion created when Indiana decided to start following daylight saving time in 2005.

The five counties — Daviess, Dubois (Daniel's note: that's us), Knox, Martin and Pike — were among eight that federal officials had allowed to switch from Eastern to Central time in 2006.

So, even though the whole state of Indiana is geographically in the Central time zone, we'll be in Eastern. This means any show that now comes on at 9 p.m., I will probably have to stop watching (or I'll have to start taping) because it'll be on so late. Games will now be unwatchable as well. But, hey, we'll be with New York City.

Makes all kinds of sense to me. ;-)

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