28 April 2007

At The Movies

So I was holed up in my upstairs room for a few days (for what, I shant tell you, though you may be able to guess from reading a past post). I went to the video store a few days before and rented all the movies I'd wanted to see over the past few years.

Some observations:
- "Lord of War" isn't that good.
- "The Departed" is great but very bloody and violent.
- "World Trade Center" was great too.
- I got all misty watching "Click." (I'm a big wuss, I know).
- "Talladega Nights" is hilarious.
- "The Wedding Crashers" was worth $2 but not too much more.
- "In America" was surprise to me (a friend let me borrow it or I would've never given it a thought).
- I probably need to be in the Marines to fully get "Jarhead."
- "Syriana" was confusing as all get-out.
- "Thank You For Smoking" was outstanding.
- "The Ladykillers" was funny but much of the language was unnecessary. It is a Coen Bros. movie though.
- "Little Miss Sunshine" was better than I thought it would be.
- "Rocky Balboa" was surprisingly good though it did have the occasional eye-roll moments.

Oh yeah, all of these were watched on a 7-inch portable DVD player with headphones on. Not ideal, but it is what it is.

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