16 October 2006

Third Day/David Crowder Band

Third Day

So we went to see Third Day and the David Crowder Band in Evansville last night. Third Day is awesome but I really kinda enjoyed David Crowder Band more. I've seen Third Day about half a dozen times since 1995 but I'd never seen David Crowder Band so maybe that's why I thought that. I saw Third Day a lot between 1995 and 1999 but hadn't seen them since. Ever since the Offerings albums did so well, they play a lot more of those songs live and a lot of them are mid-tempo and slow so it's not quite as lively as when I used to see them in churches and in the sweaty rock club (though now gone) 328 Performance Hall in Nashville. Gone are songs like Alien and any songs off Time and in their place are songs like "You are So Good To Me" and "Sing A Song." Oh well, they can play what they want to play, I just miss the rock they used to do more often. The DCB did a great job opening though I'll definitely have to catch them when they are headlining somewhere or leading worship somewhere. "You Are My Joy" was a rock opera that Queen would've been proud of. If you don't have "A Collision," go get it right now. I'll wait here ...

Shannon lost a contact right at the end of Crowder's set so I basically spent the last two songs of the DCB's set looking for a contact which was a bummer cause it looked like everyone else was having a great time (as the balcony was shaking pretty hard). Oh well. We found it in between bands when they brought the lights up (actually a guy two rows in front found it in the row in front of us. I told him he was my new personal hero.) :-)

HyperStatic Union (who I'd never heard of) was the opening band. We got there right as they were starting their last song (a cover of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition"). The guitar player really amped it up and was ripping it apart on that song. Wish I could've heard more but we ate at Steak n' Shake and that took too much time, plus we had a little problem finding the venue (The Centre - it's an approx. 2500-seat theatre - really nice and classy).

We had DEAD-CENTER balcony seats so it was high up but it was right in the middle so it was all good. We returned at 12:30 a.m. We're a little groggy. Isabella apprently said that we left her (she was sleeping when we left and when she woke up, she cried and told the baby-sitter, 'Mama and Daddy left me' - that just about broke my heart). She's fine now though.

Here's another photo (these were taken by me from the balcony) and the set list from Third Day's Blog.

Blessed Assurance
You Are So Good to Me
I Got a Feelin'
Keep On Shinin'
I Can Feel It
Show Me Your Glory
Sing a Song (acoustic)
Mountain of God (acoustic)
Love Song
Come on Back to Me
I Believe
Cry Out to Jesus
God of Wonders
Come Together
Agnus Dei

The David Crowder Band

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