18 September 2006


So I haven't been to a big rock show in a very long time.

And it'll probably be a very long time before I go to another one.

Me and a friend of mine headed to Indianapolis on Saturday for a radio station's festival (X103 out of Indy - we live 3 hours from there so I don't know anything about the station). Anyway, the headliners are Shinedown/Rob Zombie/Godsmack. I like Godsmack alright. They write some solid rock tunes and are good music for when you feel aggressive (or better yet, when you need to release aggression). Rob Zombie I've never been a big fan of and I didn't know anything about Shinedown except for their cover of Skynyrd's "Simple Man." There were also bands on a side stage before the main three bands (Alien Ant Farm, Buckcherry, Bullet For My Valentine, and a few others). We watched some of Bullet For My Valentine (think a British version of 'Master of Puppets'-era Metallica) from a distance and then decided to get something to eat and go sit down at our seats near the back of the amphitheater's pavilion. An HOUR later, we had our hugely overpriced hamburgers and nachos ('cause they ran out of fries).

Oh yeah, there were 24,998 other people there besides the two of us.

So, long story short:

Shinedown is like a minute into their first song when I notice things flying in the lawn area and I realize it's, well, THE LAWN. These idiots were throwing sod all over the place and, within another minute, the sod was headed our way into the seats. So, I pretty much missed all of Shinedown because I had my back to them and my front watching for flying sod. We eventually walked to the middle of the pavilion and stood in the aisle. The DJs came out after Shinedown and told the crowd to cool it b/c the cops were getting pissed. It was scary to see a crowd on the verge of insanity like that. Fortunately, they stopped.

Rob Zombie came on and was his usual horror-show self. I know a lot of his act is just that, an act but there's some things in his show that I definitely need to repent for seeing. Not a bad show, not really a good show. I just kept thinking, 'I'm gonna lead worship at church tomorrow and I'm sitting here watching THIS now.' Funny how God speaks to you even when your ears are being blasted. :-)

Godsmack was pretty good. We split in the middle of the last song to beat the rush out of there. Their drummer is the most entertaining person on the stage by far. I've seen better shows, I've seen worse.


- Yeah, I'm too old 'cause it was too loud. When the guitar solos are just mush, it's time to bring it down a peg, Mr. Sound Guy.

- My daughters aren't going to a show like this until they are out of my house. ;-)

- Pyro isn't as cool as it was when I was 18 but it's still cool.

- If I am to attend another one of these shows, I must first get tatted up and get tons of piercings. Oh yeah and get blasted before any bands come out so that I can be obnoxious to everyone around me.

- Constantly saying the f-word is just a sign that you are not smart enough to have a more expanded vocabulary.

- I still like the hard music (for whatever insane reason) but maybe it's safer on my iPod from now on. iPods don't throw sod while you are trying to enjoy the bands. Idiots.

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