26 September 2006

Sha-Na-Na-Na Knees Knees

-- So Axl Rose is touring again with his fake Guns n' Roses. Pass
-- Dragonforce plays the fastest metal ever. Why? I guess because they can.
-- Muse's new album is not too bad but I need to give it more than a passing listen.
-- Weird Al has a new album out today. I heard "Trapped In A Drive-Thru" (parody of the R. Kelly song 'Trapped In A Closet'). Hilarious. Not going to buy it or anything though.
-- I have three books on my bookshelf that I have lined up to read (am currently reading one of them). 'Every Man's Battle,' 'The Problem of Pain' by CS Lewis and 'Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven (But Nobody Wants To Die)' by David Crowder and Mike Hogan. Three books: One about moral struggle, another about pain and sorrow and the third about death. Wonder what's going on that I am drawn to these right now. I hope nothing's coming up. I'm actually doing a class on 'Every Man's Battle.' Honesty is a postitive thing I've found.
-- Isabella has decided that the bright pink cast of a lesson she has on her arm isn't going to prevent her from climbing on the couch again. She got in trouble for that one last night.
-- Gabrielle is spinning around in circles and laughing a lot lately.
-- I got a personal letter of apology from the General Manager of the company that runs the ampitheater where I had dirt thrown at me in response to my survey answers. those idiots di $35,000 damage to the lawn area at the venue. I guess that festival won't be back anytime soon.
-- We did the small group rearrangement at church and so far, so good. Shannon and I talked and we decided to stay in the same group (or roughly the same group).
-- We're still talking about Bonnaroo next year. I'm actually more iffy than Shannon. We've got a bunch of stuff we could fix up at the house rather than spending cash on a dirty hippie festival ;-)
-- If you're interested in seeing how our church's new building is coming along, head here and click on the video near the bottom.

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