02 June 2006

Ten Years Later

Via Jared at The Thinklings

How have you changed from THEN (1996) to NOW (2006)?

1) How old were you?
THEN: 18/19
NOW: 28/29

2) Where did you work?
THEN: Domino's Pizza - Franklin, TN
NOW: The Herald newspaper - Jasper, IN

3) Where did you live?
THEN: Murfreesboro, TN & Nashville, TN
NOW: Jasper, IN

4) How was your hair style?
THEN: Trying to let it grow out. Parted down the middle.
NOW: No hair. None. No style. Bald.

5) Did you wear contacts?

6) Did you wear glasses?
NOW: Still do

7) Who was your best friend?
THEN: I'd have to say I was closest with copeland then.
NOW: my wife, Shannon

8) Which of your pets were still alive?
THEN: Our dog, Joy
NOW: None

9) Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend?
THEN: yeah, right.
NOW: my wife, Shannon

11) Who was your celebrity crush?
THEN: Pam Anderson (cliché, I know)
NOW: Heather Graham

12) Who was your regular-person crush?
THEN: Some girl named Michelle in one of my college classes
NOW: my wife, Shannon

13) How many piercings did you have?
NOW: 0

14) How many tattoos did you have?
NOW: 27 (not really, still none)

15) What was your favorite band/singer?
THEN: 1996 - Bon Jovi, Van Halen
NOW: 2006 - U2, Johnny Cash

16) Had you smoked a cigarette?
THEN: 1996 - no
NOW: 2006 - no

17) Had you gotten drunk?
THEN: no
NOW: no, but now I've actually had a few drinks in my life

18) Looking back, are you where you thought you would be in 2006?:
Kinda. I thought/hoped I'd be married but didn't think I'd have any kids yet (I actually have two). I thought I'd be doing something in music instead of what I'm actually doing (Journalism/design). I didn't have a lot of foresight when I was 18/19.

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