19 June 2006

RIP Los Bravos

Deadspin says the Braves are done. I tend to agree but will still hold on to some shred of hope. I've said every year for the past few years that the Braves streak of division titles will come to an end iin that particular year. This year, I mean it.

Deadspin says:
The Tomahawk Chop passed away peacefully at 5:31 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on Sunday, as the Red Sox left Turner Field with a 10-7 victory (and first place in the AL East) over the Braves. That’s seven straight losses for the Hotlantians, their longest futility skein (flipping pages of old calendars) since 1990.

Everyone, it seems, rejoices while I weep softly in the corner for the passing of the once-great Atlanta Braves.

FYI: We got tickets to the July 5 game against the Cardinals in Atlanta. Should be fun even if it is another loss. It's always fun to head out to the ballpark.

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