09 May 2006

Guitar Dilemma

I suppose everyone has an "outlet" of some type to rid themselves of frustration whether it be working on cars, reading, writing, running, drinking, etc. (Note, please don't drink to rid yourself of frustration, that's just a little joke) :-)

Anyway, mine was always (badly) playing my electric guitar really loud and generally making lots of noise. I sold my only electric guitar once we found out we were having Gabrielle in ought-five b/c we badly needed the cash at the time. Since then, I've really missed not having one.

The other day I confessed to my wife that I was having a problem with anger and frustration. She suggested maybe I needed an outlet to "empty my cup a little." She then, a few days later, suggested I get another electric guitar and put it on the credit card if need be. This presents two dilemmas (and hence, this post):

1.) Do I do the WISE thing and save up for a LONG time (by long time, I mean probably a year or more) and get one or do I do the "I work hard for my money" thing and put one on the credit card and make payments (with 18% intrest)?

2.) If/when I get one, do I get a moderatly priced Epiphone Les Paul (either a Standard or Custom) or PRS SE model (or the like) or do I go for the gold (b/c I'll not be buying another guitar for a long time after this) and spring for a Gibson or "real" PRS?

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