29 April 2006

Draft Day

Three posts on a Saturday - and very few people to read it. :(

Here's the scouting report on Tennessee Titans' pick Vince Young.

I'm not sold on this guy but he may develop into a Steve McNair-like player in his ability to scramble (unlike McNair, He doesn't pass well). I just hope he's not a gigantic bust.

Deadspin (a gossipy-type sports blog) says "Steve McNair, Meet Your Replacement." Sorry to say, as much as I love McNair, they're probably right on this one. The Titans treatment of McNair, though understandable from a money aspect, is shameful.

Jay Cutler, of nextdoor-county-to-me Santa Claus, Ind., was picked by the Denver Broncos. Let the Santa Claus/christmas gift jokes begin but don't let them go on too long 'cause then, it's just plain annoying, ya morons. ;-)

Two tidbits of totally useless information for you:
1.) Jay Cutler was on the front page of The Herald (the paper I work at) on my first day of employment in Nov. 2000 after he helped Heritage Hills High School to the state championship.
2.) Jasper, Ind. native Matt Mauck (formerly of the LSU Tigers - led them to a national championship in his final season) briefly played for the Denver Broncos (now home to southern Indiana's Jay Cutler) and last played for the Tennessee Titans last season (don't know if he's still on the squad or not).

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