05 April 2006

Annoying Christians

Is there a 'War on Christians'?

Check out the article, "They Don't Hate You Because You're a Christian - You're Just Annoying."

A snippet:
It’s hard, very difficult, for me to believe someone like Tom Delay shares my Christian values when he spends more time playing golf and striking deals with greedy corporate vultures while giving his constituents lip service about the cause of Christ. I see DeLay as nothing more than a demagogue, the nightmare of Senator Buzz Windtrip brought to life from the pages of Sinclair Lewis’ disturbing novel, It Can’t Happen Here. (And yet, at the same time, I must be mindful of the fact that, because he professes to be a Christian and he is still innocent until proven guilty, to quote writer Anne Lamott, “I’ll be sharing the table with him in heaven.”)

The author goes on:
Weren’t those 10 Commandments in front of the courthouse on Main provided by Paramount Pictures as publicity for Cecile B. DeMille’s Ten Commandments movie? Your frequent rant is, “We need to keep God in this nation by keeping the 10 Commandments on the lawn of every Court House in the country.” Fine, says your non-Christian friend. But he has a question. Or rather, a number of questions. Why aren’t the 10 Commandments from Judge Roy Moore’s courthouse the same as the ones that are written in Exodus 34:13-28? Furthermore, God gave more than 10 -- He gave 630-plus, didn’t he? Why not accurately display the original 10 laws? Or why not display all 630-plus laws? An even novel idea -- wouldn’t it be easier to display the two commandments Jesus gave? Isn’t Jesus higher in stature than Moses, Him being the Son of God and all? He is the King of Kings so shouldn’t we honor Him by displaying The Two Commandments? You proceed to tell your friend he’s going to Hell.

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