27 March 2006

Of Nice Towns And Nice Papers

Tom Mangan, of the San Jose Mercury News, has a nice little piece about life in the newspaper business that can be found here.

It almost perfectly explains how I feel about my job here in Jasper and why I'm not into chasing jobs at bigger (and oftentimes falsely presumed to be) better papers and why I'm not a reporter. Although Tom's dealing with corporate buyouts and things I'll never have to deal with at my current paper, it's nice to see some level-headed people exist in journalism (even if we are only writing headlines and designing pages).

Here's a snippet:
I was fortunate to be one of those kids in journalism school who was too shy to ask pushy questions of people who didn't want to answer them. I found a niche on the copy desk, writing headlines, editing stories, laying out pages, figuring out computer systems, making my deadlines. I never got any bylines, never got any credit for breaking big stories, but I never had to ask any mothers how it felt now that their son had just shot up a high school. A fair trade-off.

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