30 December 2005

My Christmas Haul

What did you get for Christmas?

Here's my list:
- Seasons 5, 6 & 7 of "The Simpsons" on DVD
- My mom & dad got us a cellphone and put us on their plan (so I can join the rest of the wireless world).
- Wal-Mart card
- iTunes Music Store card (I have several albums already in my shopping cart but I'll have to choose one or two soon)
- Cash (money, not Johnny - RIP)
- New house shoes (I'm an old man, I know)
- I used some cash to buy myself these things: Chris Tonlin's "Live in Austin," Passion Worship Band's "One Day Live," Arrested Development" Season 1 DVD and The Message:ReMix Bible paraphrase (hardcover edition with verse numbers. Old and New Testament).
- Napoleon Dynamite DVD (much to Shannon's chagrin - her parents got me this)
- A shirt.

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