08 November 2005

Klosterman: "Old School"

One of my favorite columnists, Chuck Klosterman now has a column over at ESPN's Page 2 Site.

Klosterman is the author of such books as "Fargo Rock City" (which I have not read), "Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs" and "Killing Yourself To Live" (both of which I have read and recommend to those without weak hearts). He is also a writer for Spin magazine (which I used to subscribe to before they exclusively covered bands that I didn't give a crap about - like The Pixies, The White Stripes and Interpol.) Apparently, he also writes for Esquire (which I remember Jared mentioning at some point in the past).

In his debut column for Page 2, Klosterman sounds like a sports reactionary and talks about how that jives with his personal and (lack of) political views.

A snippet:
We need to get back to our core values. We need to rediscover the things we've always known. The Brewers are in the American League. No one will ever win a Super Bowl with a running quarterback. Terrell Owens will always be a cancer to whatever team he plays for. So will Antoine Walker. And the Baltimore Colts and Los Angeles Rams must always lose big games whenever they play outdoors, because those franchises need to be penalized for building exciting, innovative offenses that only seem to work indoors (a geographic venue that must universally indicate some kind of inauthentic, unmasculine manifestation of accelerated modernity).

The Indianapolis Colts. I meant to write "Indianapolis." And "St. Louis."

It's good stuff, check it out.

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