30 September 2005


Look at this, I don't post anything nearly all week and here it is Friday night and I've posted two items now.

Here's my list of promising TV shows a few weeks into the new season:

Sunday - "The Simpsons" has offered a few laughs though I've seen better episodes. However, it's in its millionth season so I'm not complaining. "The War At Home" that follows is stupid, vulgar and a waste of TV time. "Family Guy" and "American Dad" have their hilarious moments but are increasingly pushing the envelope just for the sake of trying to be edgy. I hate that.

Monday - "Arrested Development" is the only reason to watch TV on Monday. It helps that it is the best show on TV. Shannon loves "Medium." Me, not so much.

Tuesday - I'm never home on Tuesday nights b/c of band practice but "My Name Is Earl" and "The Office" are both shows I'm going to start taping. "Scrubs" used to come on Tuesdays too but it looks like it may be a mid-season replacement show this year. That show deserves better than what NBC is doing to it.

Wednesday - Nothing. Sorry "Lost" folks. I just never started.

Thursday - "Everybody Hates Chris" has the potential to be the new "Cosby Show" I believe. A little bit more of an edge but what struck me was that this is a show where the dad and mom are REALLY trying to do what's best for the family despite so many negative outside influences. Mom and Dad love each other and Dad works two jobs and is not an idiot (unlike every other dad on TV).
"Smallville" had a great premiere. Looks like Zod and his disciples (I LOVE the little references to the movies they plug in) will be a big player this season. Lex is really heading to the dark side fast an Chloe revealed that she knew Clark's secret. The Lana/Clark love story I could care less about but you gotta keep the core audience happy, I guess.
"Joey" is actually better this year but I'm watching "EHC" on UPN if it comes down to a choice between the two. It's strange that I feel like I gotta watch "Joey" out of a sense of loyalty to the character. Stupid, I know.

Friday - "Bernie Mac" and "Malcolm In The Middle" are the best out there on Fridays. Not bad, not great, but worth watching.

Saturday - Probably whatever's on TBS. :-(
Actually, this is probably the time I catch up on reading material. (Which can't be bad after realizing I watch something on TV nearly every night.)

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