30 September 2005

The Chop In October (Again)

Braves Win, Now The Hard Work Begins

Some excerpts:
While some fans point to the less-than-stellar performances after division titles, there's not a major league baseball team that's not envious of the Braves' accomplishments. In order to get the post-season play, the division is the first step.

Now it's time to adhere to all superstitions. Though the Braves made it to the World Series five times between 1991 and 1999, they have a 1-4 Series record. They have lost four of the last five National League Division Series. While those losses in the post season don't spoil an entire season, it would be nice for the Braves to bring home more post-season gold than a division title.

14 straight baby! :-)
Let's go BRAVES!!!!

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