03 December 2004


I just got back in from mowing my yard. On December 3. I have to keep the neighborhood happy. (Really, I just needed to cut it one more time and run the mower out of gas so that I could store it for winter).

The Christmas program ("The Birth of Hope") we are doing at church is going to be awesome. It will be even more awesome if I can finish up all the stuff I've yet to do for it. It will be a multi-media experience like no one in Jasper has ever seen. (If I may overstate it a bit). :-)

Does my new-ish Alien Soil banner freak anyone else out? I kind of liked it (it's a photo from one of those European rock festivals). What's creepy about it? Just for the record, my wife said, 'it's not the best one you've ever done.' At least she's honest with me.

I think 'Alien Soil' is a good name for a band. Now, if anyone uses it, I should get royalties.

No bonus point again this Friday. For some reason, I don't always feel like coming up with useless trivia on Friday.

U2's new album "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb" is just plain cool. For those of you who don't like U2 already, well, you probably ain't gonna like this one either. But, you should really consider becoming a real music fan and start liking them.

Just kidding. Sort of. ;-)

Who really wrote 'Can't Find My Way Home'? I'm too lazy to look it up.

Speaking of Clapton, I watched a PBS special on his Crossroads Guitar Festival the other night and, even though I am one, I generally have a bad taste for most guitar players (i.e. non-professionals). Have you ever gone into a music store and heard someone riffing away on 'Enter Sandman' or 'Master of Puppets'? Walk into one sometime and I will almost guarantee you that someone will play one of those two songs. I like Metallica and I like playing Metallica songs on my guitar but, it's like the sign in 'Wayne's World" that says 'No Stairway to Heaven.' You just don't play certain riffs when wasting time in a music store. Anyone else know of any songs you shouldn't play when testing out a guitar?

That is all.

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