08 December 2004

Muchas Gracias

To all of my readers:

I have noticed (via the Stat Counter thing I have installed) that I have readers from all over the place. I know most of that is because I am linked prominently at The Thinklings. (Which BTW, is where I first heard about these things called blogs). Thanks also to Jeremy for upping my visitor count by wasting so much time at work. ;-) (just kidding, man)

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for coming back here often and playing my silly little bonus point game and continuing to come back even when I have nothing to say for days at a time.

I ask that you remember me in your prayers as I am dealing with some things in my life. Nothing to get worried about though. So don't worry. :-)

Oh, I also decided to go back to banner #2 for awhile. I think I like that one the best of all the ones I have done. Less is more I guess. It's my best-designed one for sure.

Good night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.

Come back tomorrow for more useless knowledge.

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