06 November 2004

War, What Is Good For? Well ... ?

Something that's been rattling around in the ole' noggin the past few weeks has been the concept of a "just war." And more specifically, was Jesus a pacifist?

I voted for Bush because I believe he will do a better job of making hard decisions regarding the safety of the nation. If there is any doubt about that read this 8-part Newsweek series. It is utterly fascinating and illuminating and, suprisingly, extremely fair.

However, I will admit that when the Iraq war was first being discussed, I had my doubts. Those doubts have continued to nag at me although I support our actions. (It's OK to have doubts and still believe in something in my book - don't flame me) :-)

But my overall questions have to do with whether or not a Christian should support pre-emptive war (or war at all). I'm trying not to get my Christianity and patriotism mixed up here but I sometimes find it all too easy to seperate the two into separate factions in my life. I'm a believer that my faith should permeate every aspect of my life and not be "just a part" of my life.

I've heard arguments on both sides about Jesus' attitudes on war and, frankly, I think my views on war aren't shaped by what Jesus taught but are shaped by my patriotism and political philosophies.

So, to you, dear reader, I ask your opinion. What do you think Jesus thought of war? And explain your answer please.

Please don't misinterpret me here. I'm merely asking questions, not losing faith in anything.

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