10 November 2004

Thank You

My brother is a corporal in the Marine Reserves. He's been to Iraq. He may have to go back. So, this post is in his honor.

The USMC Birthday is celebrated November 10th (today) each year. Semper Fi Marines!

Tomorrow (Thursday) is Veteran's Day. Take a second to thank any veteran you know for defending your freedom. Even if you are a pacifist or against the war in Iraq, you have to (at the very least) realize that those who serve(d) in the military are defenders of your freedom to be a pacifist and be against the war and be vocal about it.

So, to my Grandfather (WWII and Korean War vet), grandfather-in-law (Korean War vet), father-in-law (Vietnam vet) and brother (Iraq War vet), Happy Veteran's Day, Thank You and God Bless You.

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