19 November 2004


I've never (not once) shaved with a regular razor. It's always been an electric. I'm considering a change though.

Sure, it's a little embarassing admitting that I, a 27-year-old man witha a wife and daughter and another baby on the way, have never used what most men my age have used a million times by now.

However, my daughter knocked my electric razor off its perch last week. It kept working for a week but now it's dead. I'm now sitting here at work unshavenn and i hate it. So, I need to either go buy another electric razor today or get a Schick Quatro (sp?) or some such device of torture.

How would you vote?
BTW, no bonus points today. I'm lazy.

UPDATE: I bought both the electric and the Schick Quattro yesterday (both for just over $50). I tried out the regular razor today and it was kind of rough because I had two days growth (I didn't cut myself though, it just took awhile). But, I got the hang of it. I felt kinda stupid having never shaved with a regular razor before. Kinda emasculating really. Oh well, I'm no longer a razor virgin. If you see me, don't make fun of me to my face (that means you brother) and don't let me know that others are making fun of me, I know how lame I am. :-(

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