07 October 2004

War Affecting Everyday Life

Effects from the War in Iraq are once again trickling down to where I live. My managing editor (who is a 51-year-old Army reservist) is leaving next week to be deployed to Kuwait for 365 days. He's going to be doing public affairs work so it's not as dangerous as if he was heading to Baghdad or Fallujah. (Side note: I was very happy to hear that some of my brother's friends, Sam Greer — who I also knew as a kid — Josh Thomas and Chris Shranko, all made it back from Iraq a week or so back)
Anyhow, this deployment of our managing editor means that his workload is being spread among us. Yippee! (sarcasm mode turned on). I guess this is my patriotic duty.
This also means that I may be posting the Bonus Point For The Day later in the day. I hope that I can, at the very least, keep up my limited blogging routine.
I am a Bush supporter but I see no end to our involvement in Iraq. This is not a good thing in my book. I know the country is not stable enough to pull the troops out, I'm just weary right now.
I'm also afraid that my Marine reservist brother will have to be deployed again in the next year or so.
I just want it to end soon.

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