12 October 2004

These Three Things

I'm shameless, I stole these (but edited them down) from Jared's excellent Mysterium Tremendum blog. View his answers here.

Three Things That . . .

01. Make you feel like a kid:
— Bon Jovi songs
— Homemade ice cream
— "Smallville"

02. Make you want to cry:
— Specials about 9/11 on TV
— Last night's Braves loss
— When Isabella is really hurt

03. Make you think of home:
— Catfish
— Seeing kids playing baseball
— Country churches

Three Songs That . . .

01. You love (not necessarily your all-time favorites):
— "Forever" (the CCJ Praise Band version)
— "Someday I'll Be Saturday Night" Bon Jovi (I know that's not a cool choice but it makes me feel good every time I hear it)
— "One" U2

02: You loathe:
— "P.I.M.P." 50 Cent
— "Toxic" Britney Spears
— "Cartoon Song" Chris Rice (since Jared mentioned it, it made me remember how much I hated that song)

Three People That . . .

01: Make you feel loved:
— Shannon
— Isabella
— My church family (too many people to single one out)

02: You’d love to punch:
— Michael Moore
— James Carville
— One of my brothers-in-law (not my sister's husband) :-)

03: You’d love to meet (dead or alive — and besides Jesus):
— Jimi Hendrix (so long as he was not high at the time)
— King David
— Johnny Cash

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