14 September 2004

Vacation and Whatnot

OK, so I took a week's vacation last week. We headed south (which is God's country) to the great state of Georgia and into the not-so-great suburbs of Atlanta (which is about as much of the south as NYC is). I can deal with city traffic for a few days but I definitely think I shall stay in small-ish town America if I can for the rest of my days on this spinning third stone from the sun.
My wife got a speeding ticket from one of Kentucky's finest on the way down there. She deserved it. 83 in a 65 on Pennyrile Parkway puts a big dent in our pocketbook though. I guess I can go back to nagging her about her driving. (I won't though because I know what's good for me). :-)
We actually had a visit with my in-laws without a ton of people being in the house. That was nice. My time with them is usually stress-filled because there is never a moment's peace. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I finally shared my opinions on some matters with them. It only took 6 years for me to feel like I could safely share my thoughts without feeling I was butting in to "family" business. Very liberating to say the least. Everything's cool.
Because of the ticket and the remnants of Hurricane Frances hitting GA., we didn't make it to a Braves game which bummed me out. I haven't been to see the best franchise in baseball in a few years so I was hoping that I could this time. Alas …
I mostly read my Bible, David Sedaris' Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim and Time magazine while I was there. That killed a bunch of time. Later, I visited Barnes & Nobles at the Mall of Georgia and the Guitar Center in Lawrenceville and learned why coveting is a sin. Because of that, I avoided going to the Apple store in downtown Atlanta. Why torture myself?
Pretty exciting vacation, huh? Oh well, maybe when I'm old and have a little more money, we can travel properly.

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