07 September 2004

Things I Miss About Home

I'm on vacation this week in Georgia at my in-laws. There's nothing like leaving home to make you appreciate all of the things of home. Even though we've only been living in Indiana for a little under 4 years and in our own house for a little under a year, I can safely call it home now I think.
Here are some things I miss:
- Walking to work with my iPod
- The 1950s feel of my neighborhood (even though the neighbors' relationships with one another is decidedly 21st-Century)
- My regular schedule.
- Band practice on Tuesday.
- Morning prayer at Shoney's with some guys from church on Tuesday mornings.
- Koinonia Group on Wednesday.
- My own bed.
- Putting Isabella in a crib instead of a travel bed/playpen.
- Silence.
- Not having to 'shush' kids when Isabella is napping.
- Complaining about local traffic even though the traffic in this Atlanta suburb is a million times worse than I have EVER experienced in Indiana.
- No malls.
- The town square.
- Getting my mail at lunch everyday.

Just to name a few.

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